I Am A Witness

I am a witness. A witness to what, you ask? I discovered that I am not only a part of Creation, I am a witness to Creation. What is the significance of this?

Through years of being and connecting with Spirit, I perceived that I am both Creation AND the Creator at the same time. This state of being allows me to be the Creator and witness the Creation I am in as a human being experiencing Creation. The Creator has created me to witness Creation that it may expand its awareness of itself. Without Creation witnessing Creation, there is no Creator. The Creator is conscious of itself through us, through human beings, it’s Creation.

When I thank the Creator for its Creation all through the day, I am ALSO thanking myself for I am the Creator. It’s me listening to me. Many humans cannot go to this perception of  themselves as both the Creator AND Creation because they lack the self-worth to do so. This lack of self-worth is born out of separation-Consciousness that posits that the Creator is “out there,” away from us in some undefinable place called Heaven and we worship a Jewish Rabbi from 2,000 years ago in order to apprehend the Creator and Creation. That is a whitewash of the truth.

My perception flips this misguided notion on its head and is aware that I am the Creator in physical form, witnessing Creation, for the express purpose of knowing I AM. I am a witness to and for Creation that the Creator may know itself in more infinitely different and deeper ways. This is the Cosmic nature of existence. It is happening now on both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels as we speak.


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