I Am “Off-Planet”

I have experienced that everything in existence has a vibrational level or frequency based on its energy consciousness. In our physical domain or Earth experience, I have found that there are twelve consciousness levels with the first five being “on-planet” and the next seven being “off-planet.” What is the significance of this?

What this signifies is that when you are vibrating “on-planet” consciousness, your dominant concerns are mostly money, sex, work, politics, movies, romance, war, religion and societal norms. You will tend to gravitate toward dogma and fixed beliefs like, “money is the root of all evil,” or “you have to accept Jesus to be saved.” Please understand that I am not judging these states of consciousness, just bringing out an awareness of them. If you are predominately vibrating the first five consciousnesses you are fixed in your physical reality and see nothing beyond it. Your persona/psyche/ego will gravitate in these planetary domains.

When you are vibrating “off-planet,” from my experience, you have a consciousness that goes beyond money, sex, work, politics, movies, romance, war, religion and societal norms. You tend to vibrate in realms that are about Love, peace, compassion, tolerance, spirituality, abundance, kindness, etc. While you still live on Earth in a physical body, your concerns are not fixed in the “on-planet” vibrations in that YOU control them. You make them happen. You are not controlled BY them. “Off-planet” Consciousness is a Quantum, Cosmic Consciousness where you vibrate more light, are less grounded in an Earth Reality. You can more easily connect with real Spirit, not dogma or scripture. You tend to have more psychic ability. 

Again, this does not mean that one type of consciousness is better or worse. They are just different levels of consciousness and I am making the awareness of these consciousnesses more available by explaining that I have “off-planet” consciousness and I can tell you of that experience and the experience of dealing with both types of consciousness in myself and others. Just remember that all human beings have the opportunity to raise their consciousness to higher levels. It is a matter of willingness or fixation.


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