I Am Not Afraid Of Spirits

Why is there a pervasive fear of spirits in our world? People seem so afraid of the unseen, the boogeyman, soul-sucking entities and on and on. Look around. Spirits are mostly represented as weird, spookey, ugly, fearful, evil and bad. This, in my experience, is mostly a false narrative. That being said, there are spirits of darkness and spirits of light just like there are dark and light humans. Spirits and humans, both of which humans perceive as real, are dark when they contract and are light when they irradiate. How is it that I am not afraid of any spirit?

I am not afraid of any spirit because I am Spirit. I may be in human format but I am Spirit nonetheless. The spirits that approach me are just as repulsed or awed of me as I may be of them. I evince a very powerful aura of goodness and attract both wounded and healed spirits that seek to be in my healing energy, my healing light. I am a spirit of great Love, Wisdom and Healing and many spirits are attracted to me like a magnet. I do not fear them as I see them as beings moving toward the Light. They cannot harm me. I do not wish to harm them. In this way, I do not live in fear of the unseen. I live in peace. Spirits generally like me and leave me alone.

When spirits come to me with love, with good intent, they are welcome. When they come to me in a wounded or negative state, I send them back to the Light or tell them that only Love is welcome in my aura and if they want Love, they are welcome. I am a spirit just like unseen spirits. Maybe I’m your boogeyman.


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