I Am Here FOR You, Not WITH You

I, as a Blue Ray Being Of Love, Healing and Wisdom am here on Earth as God-conscious FOR the sole purpose of lending my conscious presence to assist humanity to become more God-conscious and less dogmatic and religiously rigid. I am not WITH you in your bellicose belief systems that say only you are right in your religion and you must go on a mission to convert others to your misguided religious beliefs.

I am not here to further Jesus, being saved, going to Heaven or any other silly notion from any religion. I am here for you to be God-conscious. What does that mean?

Being God-conscious is being the consciousness of God which is a consciousness of Love and being God in physical form and not needing to go through Jesus, Mohammed, the Dali Lama, Krishna, your Rabbi, Priest, Imam, Monk or Shaman. You don’t need to be saved. I am here for you to shift your awareness to a more expanded state of realization and that realization is that you are God in form. You have God IN you. Now is the time to be God.


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