Humans Were Never Humans Until Now

I have realized that human beings, in my identification of their pre-history, the story of the human species has started just now. What am I saying?

Before this point in time, most of humanity was locked by their belief systems in a dense 3 dimensional consciousness based on ego. Humans have behaved solely based on controlling others, competing with others, comparing themselves to others, approving of others, judging others, wanting to be better than others and having hidden agendas regarding others. This dense, egoic consciousness is no longer the dominant awareness on Earth and humans, not all of them but enough of them, have moved into a consciousness based on the soul and not the mind. How can we tell?

The way that you can tell that this has happened and that we are finally in the new consciousness where there are humans on the planet is the overall response to the world-wide reactionary movement. It is being countered by many. While things are still being sorted out, many no longer accept a patriarchal dominated reality where women are subdominant; many no longer accept lower wages for women, we no longer accept judging and harming our friends in the LGBTQ community, we no longer accept racial discrimination, we no longer accept dictating what a woman can do with her body, we no longer accept the dogma of any church as our creed and look to a spiritual connection with God; we now love our neighbor as we love ourselves, we no longer see greed as good, we now see that humans are God in form having a human experience, we no longer see solving global problems through war and killing, we no longer desecrate our animal friends as less than we are, we no longer accept the abomination of the Earth through pollution, we no longer see our human selves as lacking self-worth and so much more.

I welcome humans to Earth. You are finally here now. Now, it is your time to explore the stars as you are destined to do WITHOUT bellicosity. Now, you can dare to go where no one has gone before.


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