Here, There And Everywhere

When I first realized the expanse that soul can have and reach and the expanse of my own soul, I was quite shocked. What I found most fascinating is that the soul’s “size” is based on the expanse of the  soul’s awareness. It is not so much the “size” of the soul as we humans understand size as in a big planet or thing. Size when it comes to a soul is its size of awareness, meaning how deep and old it is through experience and wisdom with its level of consciousness determining its maturity. In my case, it is a Cosmic awareness. My soul’s awareness encompasses the here, there and everywhere. What ramifications does this have for all beings with souls?

The ramifications of souls being here, there and everywhere is that a soul can manifest human or any kind of physical body anywhere in the Cosmos AT THE SAME TIME DEPENDING ON HOW EXPANDED ITS AWARENESS IS. For example, there are many souls like mine who have many humans or other physical formats on many planets all over the Cosmos. There isn’t just one of me. What this means is that my soul has manifested many people on Earth and all over the Cosmos in different sizes, shapes and genders. It means that every soul is in the process of expanding its awareness whether the human is conscious of it or not. How do I know all this?

I know all this because I have met several other parts of myself in human form on planet Earth. Yes, I met me in different human bodies and knew it was me. They had a different persona/psyche/ego but their soul was the same soul as mine and it had the same aware attributes as mine. From these meetings of my soul in other humans, I realized that my soul is here, there and everywhere. I have a greatly expanded soul awareness and it is quit a thing, not only to have this awareness but to meet yourself in the form of another human.

This is the ability of all souls.


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