“Everyone Is The Beloved”

“Everyone is the Beloved.” Rumi. This statement was on a button pinned on the back of a knapsack of a young lady sitting in front of me on American Airlines on my trip back from New York. I saw the words on the button as I stood up to de-plane as the young lady had put her knapsack over her shoulder. I always take words that are shown to me as messages from Spirit since I believe that my surroundings are alive, conscious and intelligent. Messages come to me from Spirit in many different ways from other people (myself included) and license plates to books and movies. How did I see this particular message?

“Everyone is the Beloved” means, to me, that every human being is God, Spirit, in form. We are the consciousness of God, or what is often called Christ Consciousness. We humans are ALL part of absolute consciousness and one finds Love in every part of each existence without identifying any part individually as separate.

What I find in our world is a separation consciousness in most human that believe God is “out there” somewhere and not with us. We see separation consciousness in the religions that say “you are going to Hell” or “you must be saved” when you don’t follow or believe in their religious way of worshipping God. This labeling of going to Hell and you’re not saved opinion is the ultimate in hate, judgement and separation consciousness that is the antithesis of “Everyone is the Beloved.”

“Everyone is the Beloved” sees and knows God in each human. That’s called God consciousness. That is true Love. May that Love be with you.


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