Discovering More About Who You Really Are

My life has been about discovering more about who and what I really am. What does that mean and why is it imperative?

What the meaning is about my discovering more about who and what I really am is that I have chosen to expand my awareness to be able to comprehend that I am so much more than a persona/psyche/ego inhabiting a human, physical form. I am now able to see the non-ordinary aspects of my Self, that is, the larger aspects of my true nature beyond the physical. What I can now see is my Light Body, my Aural Body, my Epikinetic Body, my Chakras, My Astral Body, My Causal Body, my Angelic Body. I can see these bodies around me and when I look in the Mirror.

This is imperative in that seeing these bodies has let me know, unequivocally, that there is more to me than what is proposed by science, religion and society and the belief systems that they propose which are that we are only a physical form with no soul or Spirit and that God is separate from us. I have discovered through my experience with my non-ordinary Self that I am a soul and Spirit having a human experience I chose to have. My human self is an experience, my soul Self is a state of everlasting being.

To have realized this and experienced my true Self has helped me to have a higher perspective of life where I can see Soul’s and Spirit’s hand in all things. It has allowed me to see the deeper meanings of why things happen the way they do on Earth with human beings. This includes death, life purpose, the meaning of life, fate and destiny.

I am gratified that I have discovered who and what I am. I do not let others deny my experience.


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