“Ask And You Shall Receive”

”Ask and you shall receive.” You’ve heard of this phrase? It’s been made very famous by the Bible as purportedly said by Jeshua the Christos. So, my question is, why don’t the very people who read the Bible, espouse this phrase, this belief, not believe in it and act with lack consciousness, act like they don’t believe asking will allow them to receive?

From my experience, the reason that the very people who espouse, “Ask and you Shall receive,” don’t believe in it and stay in a lack mentality is that this phrase has been objectified. It is a thing to these people and not a cognized reality of intention. They don’t have the self-worth to go to the place where this phrase is real. It has no meaning to these Bible readers. What's this all about?

What this is all about is that most of these religious Bible readers are devoid of Spirit. To them, Spirit is out there somewhere and if they have an encounter with Spirit, they have been brainwashed by the clergy, theChurch, religion to see it as blasphemous, evil, heretical, witchcraft, dark and dangerous. The opposite is actually true. When you ask with pure intent, from my experience, you will and do receive.

Take the phrase, “Ask and you shall receive” and cognize it, that is, make it a part of your belief system. Make it subjective. Make it you.


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