Alien Sensitivity

Being “human” is an awareness level. From my experience here on planet Earth, most of the beings here, defined as “human,” are called that because they have a certain type of Adam Cadmon body, have mind, emotions, a sense of soul and an awareness level. I do not share the “human” awareness level, therefore, I am not “human.” Why is that so?

What I discovered and realized is that because I am from a different realm, even though I am in a “human” body and have mind, emotions, a sense of soul and an awareness level like other humans here on Earth, my awareness level moves beyond “human” because of the sensitivity level I have. My sensitivity level, which is my awareness, is alien, extra-terrestrial in that it is a sensitivity not found here on Earth amongst humans. Let me explain it this way: you can say that my awareness contains an ultra-sensitive, hyper-empathy that is way beyond what is found in humans on Earth. Why is that?

This sensitivity allows me to feel into everything from myself, other people, trees, animals, the weather, buildings, the Universe, the Cosmos, God because I have a much expanded awareness that is off-planet. I don’t function just with Earthly consciousness. I go beyond Earthly consciousness because I am not from here. There are many others here like me from all over the Cosmos who are not human but are in human form. This experience is not a mental experience. It is a heart experience where I connect with the intelligence in all there is.

Most humans cannot even handle feelings let alone the deeper sensitivities that exist in themselves and the unseen world around them. Most humans on the planet are in a lower vibrating awareness that does not even allow them to see or feel another person. They come strictly from ego and it’s always all about them. See what I mean?

If you are interested in becoming a more aware human being, start by being more sensitive, that is, expanding your awareness beyond just yourself alone.


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