A New Message From A Blue Ray Being

Here is a vital message for humanity from a Blue Ray Being incarnated On Earth to transmute the damaged genetic code of humanity and to bring the message of God consciousness to humanity at this important turning point:

Your religions are dividing you from each other and separating you from the true and real experience of what you, humanity, call “God.” Why is this so?

The divisions seen in humanity from the major religions is seen in the fact that each religion claims that their way of apprehending God is the ONLY way and if you don’t see God their way, you are going to Hell or someplace bad. These religions objectify God as a human, believing God is in some place AWAY from humanity in what is known as separation consciousness. These beliefs are misguided and dangerous. They separate humanity from God, Spirit and cause misunderstanding and hate among people.

Here is the Blue Ray Being Message: ALL HUMANS ARE GOD IN FORM AND GOD IS INSIDE EVERY HUMAN. God is NOT human. God is a consciousness, an awareness that is in everything from humans to trees. God consciousness means being God in human form and being aware that you are God in human form. This is not blasphemy. This is reality.

Be God now within yourself and see God in everything including your neighbor no matter their religious beliefs. See God as you and not as a human someplace far from you. See God in everything. That is true spirituality. That is the true and real mystical experience.


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