A Blue Ray Being Speaks

People from different “realms” are amongst the human population of Earth in a benevolent posture and not as bellicose “aliens” as presented in Hollywood and in fake conspiracy theories. I am one of those beings from what is known as the Blue Ray Soul Group. All this means is that our consciousness is of Love, Healing and Wisdom and we have been called to serve in the Earth’s shift to higher consciousness. Here is my updated message for humanity:

All that is happening with all the new understandings, repressive movements, world struggles, current world leaders on Earth is meant to happen just the way it’s happening in an effort to change the old energy world order and consciousness so that the shift of Earth and humanity to a better place can happen. You are seeing much havoc and these chaotic nodes are occurring in order to break apart what no longer serves the human race.

The idea of war, greed, hate, anger, control, competition, comparison, approval, racial intolerance, bigotry and judgement are all going away. The status quo is being destroyed in order for a better way for the Earth and humanity to come about. This has been pre-ordained by you, the human being. If you did not want this change, it would not be happening. Here is my message: as hard as it is to see all the destruction and killing and change on Earth with a positive perspective, resign yourselves to see all the chaos as a beneficial time of releasing the old energy that has limited humanity to allow for the higher energies to come in so that mankind may move to higher levels of love, peace, kindness, compassion and equality.

As you see your major societal structures fall away, take heart as they are bringing in structures meant to serve humankind for the better. That is why Beings like me are here. We are helping to bring about
the collapse of the negative, old ways to create a more beneficial society for all humans on Earth, not just a few.


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