You Are “Saved”

According To Christians, what is being “saved”? Being saved is God’s wakeup call for us. We become more Godly by accepting God, Jesus in our lives. When saved, we wake up to loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. We judge as we would be judged. We look at life in a more spiritual way. That being said, from my experience not being a Christian, most Christians point the finger at spiritual people like me and say, “you are not saved.”

This was done to me by my next door neighbor when I told him yesterday that he was not acting in the way of Jesus who he professed to accept when he refused to share responsibility for working with me on beautifying our common landscaping. He said he didn’t care about working with me, didn’t want to help beautify our landscaping that we share.  I asked him if Jesus would act so non-caring about his neighbor and he said that that has nothing to do with it. Then he said, “You aren’t saved.” I asked him how he knew I wasn’t saved. He just said you aren’t saved. I told him he wasn’t saved. Why do I believe he isn’t saved?

I believe my Christian neighbor isn’t saved because he doesn’t care about his neighbor and he doesn’t care about the beauty of his surroundings. He also has misguided, pre-conceived notions about my being saved. How does he know I’m not saved? My world view is not about me, me, me. I consider others before myself. I love God, Spirit. I live with God, Spirit in my heart. I am not involved with abusing sex, money, drugs and alcohol. I treat everyone with Love, consideration, appreciation and gratitude including my neighbor who for 15 years has told me I am going to Hell, hates Blacks and Hispanics and that Jesus is the answer. What is the answer?

The answer is that I am saved. My neighbor is spiritually blind even though he believes in Jesus because, to me from my experience, believing and following the ways of Jesus is acting like Jesus and treating your neighbor with sharing, kindness and not, above all with judgement by pointing a finger and saying you are going to Hell and you are not saved. My neighbor has proven to me that he does not follow the ways of Jesus and he is not saved. I am the one who is truly saved because I live that way. I offered to work with my neighbor in Love and consideration. He rebuked me. 


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