Why Do Humans Believe Anything They’re Told?

After talking to many human beings and asking about their ideas, I have experienced that many human beings will believe just about anything! Why is that do you think?

I may have some understanding as to why human beings will believe almost anything and because of this, are very easy to manipulate and control. The reason human beings will believe anything is because they have the wrongheaded belief that they are their minds. They believe that if they are not thinking, they are insane or dead and so they must fill their minds with beliefs they can identify with to make them feel like they are alive, sane, a human being. They are misguided as the mind is not who and what a human is. Surely mind is a great tool for problem solving and not using mind does not mean insanity. It’s quite the opposite actually. What is meant by this?

What is meant by not using your mind unless you’re problem solving is that the human’s true self is it’s soul not its mind. The human soul is the driver of the human being, not the mind. The mind is a tertiary complex after body and soul. If you rely mostly on the workings of mind, you are living in an extremely limited range of awareness and perception as it is the soul that has expanded awareness and the mind is at the soul’s beck and call. The human soul runs this world, not the mind. I am not as impressed with brilliant minds as I am with brilliant souls. Why do I say that?

I am more appreciative of brilliant souls because they are the ones who put their souls into the work they do on Earth. They bring great artistry, great Love, great peace, great kindness, great compassion, great conviction and great generosity to the world. Look at people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, President Jimmy Carter, Mahatma Gandhi, President Abraham Lincoln, Sai Baba, Mozart, Paul Newman, Carl Sagan, Einstein and many others who were soulful beings who found their greatest works the works of their soul. These are people of the heart.

If you want to know who you really are, go out of your mind. Connect with your soul. If you are not living from your soul every day, you are just a robotic meat suit easily mind-controlled by the mind-centered Matrix.


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