When A Snake Sheds It’s Skin, It Doesn’t Cry

Snakes are known to shed their skins in their process of molting for the purpose of growing their bodies and releasing parasites. As their bodies grow and stretch, they release the old skin to make way for the new. Human death is similar to the molting of a snake. How is that so?

From my experience, when the soul of a human has completed its purpose in a lifetime, no matter the age, it will slough off, molt it’s skin, which for a human being, is its physical body. The human body for a human is like the snake’s skin and in order for the soul to grow, it must release the body that has served it and take on a new body to continue its soul and Spirit journey. The snake in molting it’s skin, does not cry for that skin for it is dead matter. What is important to the snake it that it can continue to grow and mature. The same with a human being except that a human’s true growth is the growth of its soul. The soul does not cry for the skin (human body) it has shed. It knows that it must release the skin (body) in order to move on to other purposes. Why is this important to understand?

This is a vital understanding because it is the way of the soul. The soul projects a human being for the express purpose of being in an actionable skin (body) so it can learn how to realize purpose which is the expansion of its own awareness. The human form is a container of the soul’s awareness and once the soul is satisfied with achieving its soul path in a particular lifetime, it sheds its skin (body).

Like the snake, we need not cry over this shedding of our human form. We are best to show compassion, empathy and kindness for ourselves and relegate the sadness of death to the dustbin of past low awareness. We should rejoice in our coming new body or in our coming freedom from the cycle of birth and death. The soul doesn’t cry for all of its bodies it has been. It contains them all as those bodies were also teachers. When you finally arrive at the point of seeing your bodies as teachers, you are enlightened.


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