True And Real

There are many who assert that the words real and true mean the same thing. I am here to attest that they have vastly different meanings and in order to apprehend their meanings, you will have to come with me into a deeper reality born of a deeper awareness. Ready?

What I have found from experience is that real is perception and true is what is. What do I mean by this? Real is what something may feel like to you. For example, it may be real to you that there is no God because you ascribe to Atheist views. However, it is true and verifiable that there is some kind of Sacred, Divine, Cosmic or Quantum energy that science knows plays a part in creating existence. Call it God or call it Dog. It doesn’t matter. It is true that there is some energy there but you hold that for you, there is not. You say there is nothing. This view you hold is real for you but may not necessarily be true.

You can maintain that anything is real to you but you can’t maintain the truth of a thing. Truth goes beyond real because real is subjective. You really believe the Earth is flat. For you that feels real. Science has proven the truth of the Earth being a rather oval shaped rock moving in space.

I can disprove what is real for you but the truth cannot be disproven. Please understand that I am not talking about your truth and my truth. I am talking about THE truth, that is, Cosmic truth. An example of Cosmic truth is karma. Karmic Law operates on everyone and that is the truth. No one escapes Karma. You may say that Karma hasn’t touched you yet and that may be real for you now. It is true that it eventually will touch you no matter what you believe is real for you now.


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