Friday, October 5, 2018

Self-Worth Is The First Step To Beginning Awareness

From my life-long struggle with gaining self-worth, it’s importance and what it meant to gain it, I found that it was the first step to beginning awareness. What does this mean?

It means that each human being’s struggle to be aware of who they really are, that is, that they are Spirit having a human experience for the express purpose of expanding their soul’s self-awareness, begins with having enough self-worth to admit, “I Am” without any modifiers. For example, I no longer say, “I am John.” That’s modifying who I am with my name. That’s identifying who I am with my name. I am not my name so I say, “My name is John.” See where I’m going with this?

Why is realizing your self-worth the first step to beginning awareness? Realizing your self-worth is the first step to beginning awareness because it is the start of seeing that your true identity comes from within and not from others or from outside yourself. This is the beginning of self-awareness that shows you that your identity is not your job, house, political affiliation, religion, reputation, family or friends. Now, while these ego identifiers ARE valuable and important for your survival as a human being, as a persona/psyche/ego on the planet Earth, they do not define or sustain you as the self-aware soul that you really are. When you begin to identify yourself with the Spirit you really are, you expand your awareness to include so much more that makes you who and what you are. You begin to see beyond the narrowly defined borders of ego identity to see that you have no boundaries, there really are no modifiers to who you are. You can actually redefine yourself in any way you wish.

You don’t have to say, “ I am this or that.” You have the freedom to say, “I Am.” That is the moment you begin being aware and that takes courage and great self-worth.

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