No One Gets Out Of Life Dead

No one gets out of life dead! What in the world does that mean? What it means is that it blows up the misguided notions about the true nature of life itself. What notions are those?

From my experience, most of humanity has a belief system that there is an eternal after life based on your morality during your life on Earth. Being good equals going to Heaven. Being bad equals going to Hell and let’s not forget about purgatory. In my perception, all of these notions are misguided and wrongheaded. What my awareness perceives is that humans don’t get out of life dead, that is, there is no Heaven, no Hell, no purgatory, no before life and no afterlife. There is just life whether you are in body or not!!! The true nature of reality is that we are souls on an infinite spiritual journey of awareness and our awareness remains intact when we work on our awareness both while we are in body and out of body.

There is no death as described by religion or the Bible. Death is a concept made up by humans that comes out of the ego. The ego is a mental construct tied to the bodily persona/psyche/ego. When you have expanded your awareness to the degree that you can perceive it; you will see that life continues after bodily “death” as we soul beings continue our soul journey through the river of time across the arc of infinity. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just transforms and transform is not even the best way to describe it. It is best described as a continuation of soul awareness in its essential form: the Light body. The Light body is who we humans really are and so, upon release from our physical bodies, we find ourselves in a higher vibratory level where we are more aware of who we really are. Just because you left your body behind, doesn’t mean you are dead. What being dead is is being dead to awareness.

Nobody gets out of physical life dead as we souls continue to exist with or without a body.


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