Make Spirit Great Again

Make Spirit great again. What do I mean by this? I mean to say make humanity’s connection to and with Spirit like it was when humans saw Spirit in everything rather than it is today where most humans are devoid of Spirit. I am not talking about superstitious humanity, I’m talking about when humans understood that Spirit existed at all and in everything in them and around them.

I really don’t know an exact time in human history when all humans revered Spirit and saw it as an energy and force in all things including themselves but we have lost that sensibility today. Humans seem to too connected with the spirit of money, football games, TV programs, politics, movie stars, making war, sex and being right and have no or very little connection to the fact that they are Spirit, they are God in form. From my experience, without humans, there is no sense of God. God created humans to know itself more deeply. How can humans get back to knowing that Spirit is in them and in everything around them?

To get back to making Spirit great again, humans will have to acknowledge that sense within them that something is missing from them. They will have to pay attention to that emptiness they feel inside and question it. They will have to ask why they still feel empty after having all the physical comforts they need or why greed has not filled them with peace, happiness, health and contentedness. They will have to ask why they are here, what is their purpose for being here and who are they, really? Once these questions are asked, humans will tumble down the rabbit hole of realization and see that they are not human at all. What will they see?

When humans finally go down the rabbit hole they will meet themselves and see that they are souls having a physical experience for the sole purpose of expanding their soul’s awareness they they may know Spirit within them on deeper and deeper levels. At that time, humans will have made Spirit great again.


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