Keeping Secrets

People have the ability to keep secrets and we all keep them. Some, we take to our death. From my experience, it is more healing and healthful to release, let go of and reveal secrets that bother us or that you feel the need to tell for your own sanity. Why do I believe this?

I have found that keeping dark, troublesome secrets slowly devolves the persona/psyche/ego, constricts the soul and causes great inner stress. It’s much better to tell a dark or bothersome secret to a confidante and get it off your chest than to harbor the secret slowly depleting your energy. Secrets keep the heart closed. When you want to free your subconscious and clear yourself of difficult emotions, let go of secrets that limit you.

From my point of view, life is more enjoyable when one is free of the constraints of holding on to deleterious secrets. It is also an important part of being Spirit. Spirit seeks to reveal and ultimately release all that keeps the psyche bound in darkness. This acceptance and release of our shadow side is a great part of our awakening and spiritual evolution.

My admonition is don’t devolve by hiding your feelings. Let your feelings see the light of soulful day. You will be much happier.


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