Infinity, What Does Really It Mean?

Most humans use words unconsciously, I have found, as if they are just throwaway expressions that carry no inherent value. After all, just words! It’s actually the opposite. Words carry great inherent meaning and value and it is very important how we use them to expand our awareness. Take the word Infinity. Most humans have no clue what Infinity really means and it is a very important and critical word for truly understanding existence and our place in it. So, what does Infinity really mean?

From my awareness, I have grasped and have been made more aware of what Infinity is through deepening my Shamanic self. I have realized that part of my soul path in this lifetime is to heal death. I always wondered why I could not keep death at bay. Through my desire to find out, I discovered through the Laika Indios of the Peruvian Andes that death stalked everyone within TIME. It is best described by Alberto Villoldo in his book, “The Heart Of The Shaman, stories and practices of the Luminous Warrior”: “TIME was the problem. TIME ran out and all good times, including ours, come to an end. So they (the Laika) set about solving the problem of TIME. They discovered INFINITY. They defeated death by breaking free from TIME. Then death became a friend, an ally, a companion that taught you to savor every moment, every breath. Even though the journey was infinite, this moment would never happen again.”

“Infinity is different from eternity, which is what religions promise us-suffering or ecstasy for all time. Eternity is an infinite number of moments, still trapped within the river of time. Infinity is before time, beyond time. The river of time, eternal as it is, runs through the valleys and meadows of infinity.”

“Infinity can’t be contained or limited.” Yes, Infinity is a word but it is misunderstood by most humans because most humans are fixated on TIME which is not a true force in the IN THE WORLD OF SPIRIT. As Spirit, there is no time and you are always in this now moment.

So, be careful and wise with your verbal pronouncements as words have inherent meanings and using them unconsciously, that is, without being aware of what you really are saying and mean, makes you someone who is asleep at the wheel.


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