In Touch With Yourself, In Touch With Your Energy

From my work on my physical, mental, emotional and Spirit self  over many decades, I have come to know that I am an electromagnetic organism. I am a body electric whose heart and brain work based on electrical impulses both inside and outside of my body. Inside AND outside? Yes, I put out and take in electrical impulses to and from my environment. The portals where my body does this communication are nerve ganglia up and down my body called, in Sanskrit, Chakras. These vortices or wheels of electromagnetic energy allow me to be in touch with myself and to “talk” with both my inner being and the outer being, the Matrix I live in. Why is this a critical piece of our living puzzle?

This knowledge and understanding of our living organism as an electromagnetic communicating organism is of vital importance in knowing ourselves so that we can reach our potentials as human beings. For example, if one of your electromagnetic chakras/wheels is blocked and is having difficulties sending out and taking in information, you as a human being are going to be stuck, as in having a blocked root chakra which is your foundational chakra. If your root chakra is blocked, you will have difficulties around survival like money and security issues. You will be frustrated in manifesting money in your life.

If you are not self-aware in knowing how to decipher the energy impulses that communicate with you through your chakras, you will always be in a quandary as to why things aren’t going your way, in the case above, why you are always broke or worried about money.

How does one become aware of what one’s Chakras are communicating? First, watch your thoughts. Are you constantly worried about money, using the example above? Second, connect with how you feel as in are you in fear of losing money or not having enough? Third, look at your surroundings.
What does your reality look like? Fourth, what is your behavior, your actions? Are you behaving in lack consciousness by being tight and cheap with money? Are you scared to spend your money? Do you feel charitable or stingy?

When you become aware of your inner thoughts and outer behaviors, you begin to get in touch with yourself and begin to see how you deal with your inner and outer energies to create your reality. This may seem esoteric to you if you are not already working with yourself on this level. From my experience with this, it’s not easy to get in touch with yourself and your energies but if you desire to fulfill your potentials and have a better life with more peace, happiness and abundance that YOU determine, then this is the way to go, I assure you🤗.


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