I No Longer Try To Be Someone

I have realized my struggle in trying to be someone. I found that there is an alternative to my tight-jawed habit of holding on and defending a fixed idea of who and what I am. I have taken death as a guide and a friend who teaches me how to really live, to be alive and I have tasted freedom and ease in living. What state of reality is that?

This state of reality where I am no longer trying to be someone is the state of just being. What do I mean by just being? It is a state of being where I no longer struggle to prove myself to myself or others. I know who I am, use death as an advisor and fully accept my Ascended Master role on planet Earth. I have freed myself from the constraints of the egoic machinations of controlling, judging, approving, wanting to be better than, having a hidden agenda and wanting to exert power over others. While I am still human and experience all the strengths and weaknesses of my imperfect humanity, I no longer pretend to be someone or something I am not. I have nothing to prove to the world or to myself. Why should this matter to you?

I believe what I have achieved is important to you because it shows that it is possible to look at the seeds of our relationship to life and death at a subtle inner level and uncover how we humans set ourselves up for a struggle with death from the beginning-at the very personal level of identity and self-definition. This is to say that we can define ourselves as a much greater Beingness that transcends life and death to simply arrive at a state of pure ”I Am” with NO MODIFIERS AS IN, PLACING THE MODIFIERS, I AM RICHER, SMARTER, BETTER THAN YOU AFTER I AM___________! YOU SEE, I JUST AM!


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