I Live By Example, Not By Word, Law Or Should

I Live my life by example. I will not perpetrate on you what I would not have perpetrated on me. I do not hold myself to one standard and you to another. For example, if you are sick and afraid to see a doctor, I will show my care for you by living by example by going to a primary care physician and saying, “If I can overcome my fears of doctors, so can you.” I will encourage you by my example not by my words as words are cheap. Many times, I am disappointed in finding most people dictating to me by words alone with no actionable follow up. Perhaps this is a flaw in human character. What I value is “don’t tell me or sell me, just show me by your actions what you are.” I will not judge you by your actions. I will simply know you by them. Why is that?

I say that I will know you by your actions because this is an actionable matrix we live in and your actions are all you have for me to know who you are. For example, if you tell me that, as my neighbor, “cleanliness is next to Godliness” but the curtains in your front windows are grey with years of dust or your landscaping is dirty and trashy, how can I believe you? Your words and supposed belief fall short of your admonition of how I should live, what I should follow. What if my landscaping is clean, beautiful and orderly. What if you tell me that I am going to Hell because I don’t believe in Jesus and then you tell me you hate black people or brown people? How do I reconcile what you say with what you do? What I see here is a character flaw and it is prevalent in our society and around the world. People believe one thing and do another and that’s why I live by example.

I follow what I believe and say as best I can and when I fall short, that is on me because I did not tell you or sell you my belief. I acted upon my beliefs by living by example not by admonishing you that you did not follow what I believe or said.


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