My soul path during this lifetime has been influenced by my ultra-sensitive, hyper-empathic nature because it is more conscious this time around. As a result of my empathic nature, I find that my greatest driving force in life is CONNECTION. Hold on, not so fast! I’m not talking about your everyday, garden variety connecting with others. I am talking about connecting with others on a soul level. So, what’s the point?

The point is that very few people want to or can connect with each other on this level and by the way, it does not have to be an intense, do or die, deep kind of thing. It can be a place of connection where things are more real and there is reciprocity based on genuine sharing, not expectation. For me, I never met a person I didn’t like because I connected with them on a soul level. I saw the good beneath their fake, social mask. Many have shoved me to the side, treating me poorly. It was hard to bear at times. I had to remind myself to see it as a means of expanding my soul’s awareness, Light or dark. Why is this level of connection important?

For me, I have found the connection at the soul level with others revealed some brilliant and beautiful souls and some sad and wounded souls. I gave each a chance to reveal their soul with me as I did with them. Many times, I had to overcome my false pride and give people I thought were not so nice or shallow a second chance. After giving them a chance, they turned out to be the most incredible souls. I also found that souls have different levels of maturity based on their soul-life experience from young to old souls. In my early adulthood, I shied away from young souls because I could not relate to what I perceived as their shallowness. I always gravitated to mature and old souls. Now, I am comfortable being around all level of souls because I found that it was about CONNECTION, not judgement and not expectation.

Science has caused many to not believe there is such a thing as a soul. Those who don’t believe in the existence of a soul rely on human evolution, genetics and psychology. I believe this scientific notion is misguided because it robs the nonbeliever of a deep experience with something way behind just the sensory reality.

While I am a sensual person, a soul connection is much more sexy.


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