Your Soul Will Interfere

We humans believe that we have “Free Will” and from my experiences with “Free Will,” we do but up to a point. What does this mean?

What I have discovered is that our persona/psyche/ego perceives our existence as the choices we make and that according to “Free Will,” we have the ability to make our own choices without interference from any “higher” source. This is true up to a point because there is “soul will.” From my experience in being deeply connected to my soul and it’s voice, the soul creates the physical Avatar for the express purpose of having an actionable presence on Earth in order to grow its awareness through physical experiences built around themes the soul needs to learn. Physical life is a soul enhancing experience, I have found and the “soul will” will interfere when a certain soul theme has been determined to be completed by the soul. I have seen this with my own life and the lives of others close to me.

What generally happens when the soul makes its will known to you is that you are going down a life path thinking everything is fine and bam, something traumatic happens and your life goes in a completely different direction. Many times, the persona/psyche/ego will listen to the soul’s promptings and move down this new course and sometimes the ego is so thick, it ignores the soul’s wishes and keeps going down the same path. The soul will, at times, allow the ego its “Free Will” reign but the soul will eventually have its way, if not in this life time, perhaps the next or the one after that.

Souls like to take on physical form for the purpose of growing their awareness through actionable circumstances in a body of some kind. I have found that the soul carefully chooses the body it connects with in order to fulfill its destiny in a lifetime. Since the soul is timeless, it does not worry about when it will complete a mission as long as it IS competed and complete it it will. The human being does not drive the bus of existence, the soul does and when it exerts it’s will, there is no way to ignore its consequences since it WILL get your attention. The idea is for your ego to be high enough to pay attention.


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