You Are Primordial Light

I am the Light. You are the Light. Everything there is is made of Light. What is this Light? From my experience of being in my Light Body and functioning as such, I have discovered that I am made from what is known as the Primordial Light. The Primordial Light is the most basic of Light energy that always was, is and will be. It contains awareness, infinite intelligence, Love, creativity and consciousness. This is what humans and everything else is made of. What is the point of telling you this?

The importance and significance of this is that since the Primordial Light is what we, as humans and everything else is made of, we also contain awareness, infinite intelligence, Love, creativity and consciousness. This Primordial Light is what we are functioning right now as the aspects listed above, so that means you, as a human, are functioning as those aspects right now and you can communicate with those aspects in everything. If you can communicate with yourself, your body and the body of everything in Creation, you can use Creation to either your benefit or to your detriment. Yes, you, human being, have the power to use nature to your benefit or detriment. You are not living in a chaotic, uncontrollable world. This existence, this world is at your beck and call.

You just don’t believe you have this power and that you are the Primordial Light because you have been brainwashed to believe you are nothing by religion and society that wants total control over you. You, human being, are not dirty, nothing, born in original sin. It’s a lie. You are born from Primordial Light and you have the power of this Light. I say again, YOU HAVE THE POWER OF THIS PRIMORDIAL LIGHT!!!

Go and activate this Primordial Light that you are within yourself now and the world will be at your beck and call. I know this from experience. I do this now. My Primordial Light is on. Yours can be too.


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