Why Do I Believe God Has My Back?

Ever since I was a little boy, sitting in the back of my parents car as my Dad drove around New York City, I would stare at the clouds and have this feeling of a presence in my body like something greater than me was “with” me. As I matured in my spirituality, I discovered that I am on an experiential, mystical path, deeply imbued with the presence of Spirit within. I instinctively felt that my perception of God, Spirit, which was the presence I perceived that was with me, was a fundamentally different way of knowing God, Spirit from the prevailing dogmatic ideology of most of the other humans on planet Earth. With this sense of God’s, Spirit’s presence I have within, I have come to experience that God, Spirit, has my back. How is that?

I am aware that God, Spirit has my back because I have acknowledged, accepted and function as God, Spirit in flesh. As I am this, I am closer with God, Spirit. I have a trusting relationship with God, Spirit that allows me to have access to the creative powers of God, Spirit. I am, therefore, a co-creator with God, Spirit. God, Spirit, knows itself through and with me. Therefore, I know it “has my back” in terms of always being with me. I don’t realize God as separate from me. God IS me, in physical form. I don’t practice “separation consciousness” as most humans do, believing that God is out there and not in here.

God is not human, does not think like a human. God is a conscious awareness of an ultimate vibrational energy frequency. Not a man except through humans. All humans. God knows itself through me.


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