When You Accept That You Are God, You Touch The God In Everything

I acknowledge, accept and function as God. That does NOT mean that I believe that I am ALL OF GOD. I am not. I am a piece of, a part of God. I am the same as God. As I function as God, I touch everything else that is God and it responds to me with Love. What is this response?

The response of Love from everything that is God to my being God is an alignment of resonance, of vibration and in this event, all is given to me. What does that mean, “ All is given to me”? It means that the unlimited abundance of God is mine to have, to use, to enjoy. It means that I am a natural, major manifestor of anything and everything.

Many of you will be naysayers and refute my experienceas as some kind of blasphemy because you have been brainwashed to believe that God is not you. You believe you have to go through Jesus to get to God let alone BE God. Please go on believing that and live your disempowered life. I am continuing to be God and to connect with God in everything. I see this world as God’s “Country.” Everything on this Earth is God including me.

My encouragement to you: Be God now.


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