What Is The Healing Mind?

What is the Healing mind? In my experience, there IS such a thing as a healing mind and it is NOT WHAT YOU THINK, it’s HOW you think. What do I mean by this?

I have found that a healing mind is one that knows HOW to expect positive results no matter the situation. It is the optimistic mind that has as its fall back position, “All is well.” Please understand that I am not talking about fake positive thinking. I am talking about a mind that has been trained to know, not just believe, that everything turns out just fine. Is it possible that everything turns out just fine?

What I have found is that when you confidently project a mindfulness that knows that everything will be OK, you allow yourself to accept the consequences of yours and others’ actions with grace and this is a healing attitude, this is how the healing mind foments a reality in which, no matter what, the experience is perceived from the divine level of peace and Love where all is well. The healing mind is a Zen mind that perceives that everything is for our benefit. In the healing mind, there is a bent toward unity consciousness where there is no good or bad, there just is. It is an accepting of what is. The healing mind seeks to heal circumstances and by its power of calmness, it can create a better outcome.

In our chaotic time, the healing mind is more important than ever. It is a mind that has practiced not being reactive to everything big and small. It is the mark of the imperturbable soul. This is what I practice. It is the greatest healing tool.


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