What Does It Mean To Be Enlightened?

Many ask, “What is enlightenment?” How do I get enlightened?” Why do they ask this? They ask this because they perceive that being enlightened is a preferable state of awareness to be in.

 I came to Earth as an already enlightened Being but I didn’t realize it at first. It took many years of consciousness raising work to understand that I was already enlightened. What do I mean by this and why is it important?

What I mean by saying that I was already enlightened when I came to Earth is that I came from a Light Realm where the consciousness is God consciousness. What that means is that I know that I am a part of God already and don’t need to do anything or prove that I am God also. So, being an enlightened being is acknowledging, accepting and functioning as the God you already are. Hos does this being enlightened, being God conscious play out in the human being?

When you are enlightened, when you are God conscious, you have the awareness that you are God in form and you can be God. What does it mean to be God? It means that your thoughts, words, actions and intentions center around peace, Love, kindness, creativity, abundance, tolerance and harmony among many other God-like qualities. Please understand that it does not have to mean walking on water but you can do that with God-consciousness if you want to. God-consciousness is more about a state of awareness and that awareness is that you are Spirit and that having a human experience is an actionable, physical experience for the express purpose of knowing and then being your Self.

Many humans want to know and be THEMSELVES and that’s why they desire enlightenment.


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