The Step To Be Enlightened

Do you wish to be enlightened? If you do, here is the step to becoming enlightened: Look carefully within your heart to see that the Light is ALREADY there. That’s right. Enlightenment is an inherent state of being that is ALREADY in you and it is YOU that must ALLOW it. ALLOW it? How do you ALLOW enlightenment?

You ALLOW enlightenment when you say to yourself that YOU are Spirit, God right here, right now. You are God. God is NOT “out there.” God is in here, in you. You are made of God. Hello God! Yes, I’m talking to YOU. Admit to yourself that you are God. Acknowledge, accept and then function as God. That is enlightenment. When you realize you are God, you realize that YOU are the Primordial Light Of Ti. You are God in form, you are God plus ego, Human Being. When you read this, you will refute it and you will not be enlightened. Why?

You will refute this writing and not become enlightened because you are in the grip of “separation consciousness.” What is that? All your life you have been told by unenlightened people that God is “out there,” away from you AND that you are not worthy of being God. They convinced you. You believe God is in some place you call Heaven and is not you and is not with you. You lack God-consciousness and so you can never be enlightened.

The first step to enlightenment is accepting and then allowing that God is YOU. YOU ARE GOD IN A PHYSICAL FORM ENJOYING THE ACTIONABLE PROCESS OF KNOWING ITSELF. Being aware that you are enjoying this process is enlightenment. Get rid of your previous wrongheaded and misguided notions of God as human, in Heaven. YOU are God. Period. That tree is God, that ant is God, your wife is God, that pickle you’re eating is God. Good morning starshine, the Earth says hello!!!


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