The Difficultty For Humans With Functioning In Higher Dimensions

I have worked hard on further expanding my already high consciousness in my lifetime. What this has afforded me is an ability to perceive more expanded realities that are non-ordinary and alternate in nature which I felt was who I am. I was, however, to continue to get schooled in having one foot in our physical human reality and one foot in our metaphysical reality. What is this schooling?

The schooling that I am now dealing with is the conundrum of my full functioning in the nether realms while still a human being, in body. Oh, I thought I was this metaphysical heavyweight, capable of navigating the netherworld and I do and can but enter my human nature which desires to be grounded in a physical body with all its complexities. For example, while I have been able to continue my relationship with my deceased wife through dreams, telepathy, mediumship, etc., my human self misses her physical presence so much.

You see, I do function in those higher realms of the soul and Spirit and I do continue to play out scenarios with my wife in the Dreamtime but I still cannot completely reconcile that her physical presence in not here with me in this lower realm. I miss her human form. This is the difficulty for me as a human being in functioning in the higher realms: I’m still attached to my body and I want to once again touch her physical body. All I have in the physical realm are pictures and memories of her.

I guess what I’m saying by difficulties of humans functioning in Higher dimensions is that for this human at the physical level of reality, the metaphysical is just not good enough to satisfy the human need for physical closeness even though I am comfortable with functioning in the higher realms. It’s a natural, resulting paradox of the human condition and I just have to learn how to better navigate it.


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