Soul Purpose And Meaning

It seems to me from the many posts I read on Facebook and self-help books I see coming into the market, that many people are looking for purpose and meaning in their lives. What I realized is that I can share an important message on this subject as I am a purpose and I have a meaning. What is that purpose and meaning and how did I find them?

What I found in being a purpose is that I am a consciousness of Love, Healing and Wisdom “called” to planet Earth to come into human form for the express purpose of lending my presence to assist the Earth’s and humanities’ shift up a note in conscious awareness. I found meaning in my life in being Loving, Healing others and Sharing Wisdom. In finding my purpose and meaning in life, I also found my destiny and my Sacred Dream. My destiny was to not only discover my true identity but to acknowledge, accept and then function as my purpose and to find meaning in that purpose and not to get caught up in the illusory ways of materialism that would take my focus away from learning and being who I truly am. It was very easy to be distracted by maya but I worked hard to stay on course and realize my purpose. How did I do this?

I found my purpose for being on Earth through connecting with my soul. I was open enough in my persona/psyche/ego to be attentive to the directives of my soul that guided me to find my purpose. While I was always soulful, I was not always listening to my soul’s directives but I was aware enough to come back to the awareness of my soul so that I would not lose its guidance to my destiny.

You might ask me, “How did your soul speak to you?” I found that my soul “spoke” to me through hunches, intuition, visions, feelings and knowings. I paid attention to these. The more I paid attention to these, the more I was open to these, the more my soul “spoke” to me and the more it helped me to see the non-ordinary and alternate aspects of my life, that is, through intuition, it lead me down the path of revealing my purpose to me.

Everyone has a soul and everyone has a purpose and meaning for being here on Earth. It is not a throwaway being alive. Everyone can find their purpose and meaning for being by connecting to their soul. You connect to your soul br paying attention to your hunches, intuition, feelings and knowings. You ignore these things at your own peril.


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