Playing In A Cosmic Arena

Most of humanity, from my experience and perception is just now awakening to a higher dimensional awareness beyond the third dimension. This means that many humans are beginning to experience and believe in flow and Love as real states of being. It is beautiful to observe the human awareness transformation coming from my perspective as a Cosmic Being. Yes, that is what I am and who you are reading. A Cosmic Being. What does this signify?

I am here to state that the significance of this is that it is great to be a Cosmic Being on assignment to assist our Universe in gaining an upward shift in awareness. I get to interact with the energies of the Cosmos with awareness of intent of the desire of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence The All There Is. I am constantly thankful I play in a much larger arena of Love and Light with focus on this simple but extremely complex task of energy shift for this Universe. What does all this mean for a humanity that is just moving out of 3D?

It means that you, humanity are joining the rest of the Galactic Federation of awakened beings and becoming a more aware part of the families of the Universe. Humanity on Earth is not the only sentient civilization in this Universe. There are millions of civilizations in your Universe, many more aware than you. I, as a visitor, play in the arena of the Cosmos. I am not human. I masquerade as one. My awareness goes beyond even the 12th dimension so you can imagine what it must be like for me when I am with humans functioning in 3D. Let’s just say that coming from a Cosmic perspective of Love has helped me to be patient, understanding, tolerant and nonjudgmental of humans who allow themselves to be unaware and live based on outdated ideas.

The same Cosmic awareness can be developed by humans who desire a planet of Love, peace, happiness, understanding, tolerance and kindness. I am encouraging you, Humanity, to also play in a much more expanded awareness arena, perhaps not Cosmic but maybe Solar?


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