Out Of Lesson, Out Of Samsara

From what I have found, most of humanity is caught up in the wheel of lessons and samsara on Earth and they don’t learn their lessons and they keep returning back in the wheel of life and death. I am not in these wheels of lesson and samsara. Why is that?

The reason I am not in lesson and trapped in the wheel of samsara is because I know who I really am and I know I am not here to be in lesson or in samsara. I have gone beyond self-pity and have allowed my self to cross the rings pass not that I may expand my awareness of both my Earthly self AND Spirit Self. It’s a twofer and I take the opportunity to no longer need to use the mechanics of lesson or samsara to learn lessons and keep coming back to Earth after I finish my assignment here. You see, 3D lessons are not relevant to my ongoing multidimensional existence. What does this have to do with you?

What this has to do with you is that when you know who you really are, which is Spirit having a physical experience in order to expand its awareness of itself; you no longer go to the place of Pity as you realize your destiny in each lifetime, that is, you graciously learn your soul lessons, dance through your rings pass not and happily expand your soul awareness without recrimination. Through this process of realizing your multidimensional Self, you become aware that you are much, much greater and there is so much more to you than a pitiful human being, suffering on Earth. You become aware that there is design in, not chaos in your life. You realize the deeper meaning of your life (lives).

By accepting your life lessons with self-awareness, you prime your soul to loosen the grip of Earth lessons and samsara and free your Self from infinitely repeating life after life so that you can understand the very point I’m making. You have the power to know yourself. Stop wasting time in the place of Pity. This Earth life does not have to be an endless merry go round.


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