I’m A “Beyonder”

It appears from my perception that when it comes to most everything, people have a strong inclination to define each other by name, religion, occupation, political affiliation or spiritual beliefs. To me, that would make every Human a bunch of labels. I am this or that as defined by society. How convenient and how limiting. I don’t subscribe to any label as I have gone beyond them. I am not my name, have no religion, have no job, don’t recriminate with and through politics and have no spirituality. What am I then?

I am a BEYONDER. What does that mean? It means I am beyond human understanding and I am not human. I don’t follow human societal norms and you can’t place me in a box with presubscribed labels. I have gone beyond what you are. Why do I bring this up?

I bring this up because I see humanity lost in a sea of pre-conceived labels that keeps their identity of themselves locked in a limited and narrow window of understanding of who and what they really are. Most of the Earth’s humans are not really free. They are beholden to some belief of who they are told to be and not the experience of who they really are. Most humans live in a very confined and limited paradigm, Universe. I categorically reject all the labels that humans put on each other. I have gone beyond them. You can’t define me. I have sloughed off the limited views of human society.

So, how does it feel to be a beyonder? Great. Why? It feels great because I am free. Free to be a Being with no limitations. I am a free Spirit.


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