I Don’t Believe In Anything Because I Am Everything

I have found that beliefs are thought agreements you make with yourself in accepting a certain proposition that you say is true and real for you. For example, you say, “I believe in God.” Why do you believe in God? Is it because the Bible told you to believe it? Is it because your Pastor, Priest, Minister, Church, society told you to? Have you seen God? Have you felt God? Do you know God? What is the basis of your thought agreement with yourself that the proposition of the existence of God is true and real for you? Why am I putting this idea of belief out there?

I question belief in anything because belief is based on thought, on rationale, linear perception and in my experience, is not based on being. What do I mean by this? What I mean by this is that when I experience a thing, I am being it not believing it. I am having a direct experience of a thing and not the thought of having the experience. It is not an objective experience. It is subjective. For example, when I experience anything that is Spirit, Spiritual, non-ordinary, in an alternate universe, whether I see it, read it or am told about it, I look for corroboration and usually find it in signs all around me which I see as a part of me. It’s me talking to me. I take spiritual experiences and then look within for their truth and their reality within. I become them. I am them.

This becoming of my experiences is The I Am. It is not the I think I am and that’s why I say I don’t believe in anything because I am everything. I can’t say that this isn’t a tricky thing to navigate. It is and mainly because we humans so strongly identify with thought being real. We believe that when we think, we are and if we don’t think, we are insane. Not true. Being is not thinking, being is self-awareness. Thinking is important and is good for problem solving. Thinking is not good for being because I am therefore I think.


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