I Am Not My Resume

I have identified with my physical body, my Avatar, with my persona/psyche/ego, with my job, with my resume, with my family only to discover that that is NOT who I am!!! What? That’s not who I am? Then, who am I? What am I? Before you read further to find out the answer, make sure you are ready for the truth!!! If not, get off this blog.

The truth, as I have experienced it in discovering my true identity is that I have no identity. My human self is a platform, a springboard to discover that I am not a body, that I am not this human but something much, much greater that is using this physical experience like a computer program, a simulation of itself to learn how to see its mirror reflection in its own creation: I am truly my soul. My soul is the real and true me (although it’s not a me or I). Why is this a crucial realization?

Knowing that you are your soul and that your body is a simulation is critical to know in the game of life because you are in form, in body, a human being for the express purpose to expand your awareness of your soul through the trials and tribulations of a physical experience that every soul that comes to Earth chooses to participate in. Life’s ups and downs are not mean as punishment, suffering, hardship, etc. when you realize that being in the physical is a game of awareness, you see that your life challenges are not out to destroy you but to engage you to change and grow for the better. See where I’m going with this?

To totally identify yourself with your human being is misguided because then you only see a small part of who you really are and you fall into the mistaken notion that your difficulties, your woes are there to mistreat or haunt you. They are not. Your life is chosen by you to teach you. You human-ness, your DNA is a story that YOU have written in the stars and that you have sway over. YOU control your fate, your destiny, your story. YOU are responsible for writing that story and your soul is with you to help you write a better story.

The moral of this story is...connect with your soul. Your soul is who you really are, not your body. When you learn how to lead with your soul Force, your life becomes infused with authenticity and truth and you become a more aware human being. I am a walking soul on the Earth. When you see me, you don’t see a human, you see a soul and that’s why very few humans can see who I really am. Most humans are too wrapped up in identifying with their resume to see who I really am.


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