Humans Will Believe Anything

From my observation of human beings and that includes myself, we will believe anything and that is our most dangerous and greatest weakness. Why do we allow this weakness of believing whatever we are told, taught, admonished or see?

We humans will believe anything because most of us rely on our fallible, rational mind and discount our intuitive, gut instinct that never lies. We will take the word of our inflated egos and believe what most authorities tell us, what the news tells us, what religion tells us, what rumors and gossip tell us and we will repeat these misguided beliefs with the fervency of a true believer and even die for these beliefs. Instead of thinking for ourselves, we rely on the thinking of sometimes less superior minds to dictate to us how things could, should and would be. How do we get out of this weakness of believing just about anything?

The first concept you must deal with within yourself to become an independent thinker and not believe everything you hear or are told, I have found, is that things may seem very real to you but they are possibly not true. From my experience, what is real to you is based on your perception and your perception is based on your level of awareness. We raise the level of our awareness by becoming more conscious of the true nature of our reality and who we really are. Yes, we are ego, we are human but we are also Soul, Spirit in form and that allows us to see that many of our cherished human beliefs are not true at all. For example, one of the biggest misguided human beliefs is that when we die, the lights just go out. We believe that there is nothing after death. Not true as the reality is that our awareness continues after we leave our physical bodies. We ARE awareness. We are not our physical bodies. Our physical bodies are actionable Avatars that we use as souls to navigate a dense, physical matrix called human life.

When humans refuse to believe who they really are, that is, they are Spirit, it is easy to fool them with fake ideas. Most of humanities most revered beliefs may seem real but they are not true. That’s what the film, The Matrix is all about: we live in a fake reality that we believe is real until we become unplugged from it and are shocked that we were hoodwinked. I see through this fake matrix and I use it to my advantage and I don’t let it use me. Am I perfect in this? No. However, I have learned what are my own, original thoughts and what I have been infected by. I think for myself.


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