How To Be Spiritual In A Materialistic Society

Let’s be truthful and face the reality that we humans live in a materialistic society. Everything is based on money including all the major religions. It’s no secret that the Vatican is among the richest banks in the world. Every human on the planet is judged according to the socio-economic level that have achieved. Most people don’t look at the soul of a person; they look at the physical trappings of the person. Rich people think of average people as “peasants.” In light of this materialistic bent that humanity is mesmerized by, how can one be spiritual?

The answer is simple: you can’t. The only way to be spiritual in a heavily materialistic world is to expand your awareness to perceive beyond the seduction of glamor and maya. Please understand that I am not judging materialism. I am not saying that being spiritual is being broke, that is, you have no money and you are homeless and that will make you spiritual. No. What I am saying is that there is much more to the world than identifying only with the physical manifestations of our reality. Look, it’s lousy to be poor, starving and homeless but it is worse, in my experience, to be rich and soulless. So, how do we become and maintain our spirituality in our materialistic world?

From my experience, you pull yourself out of your over-identification with money and materialism by experiencing and then identifying with the non-ordinary and alternate aspects hidden in reality. These non-ordinary and alternate realities are the realities of Spirit that is in everything. You identify with life in a way where you experience everything as being alive, with sentience. What does this mean?

It means seeing everything as having consciousness from yourself to a tree to the wind to a grasshopper. All is infinite intelligence and we exist in a reality that speaks to us when we have expanded our awareness beyond the dullness of dense materialism to be able to see and hear the reality beyond the physical. We become soulful, appreciative, grateful and thankful. Our lives have deeper meaning, peace and happiness. I experience that which is beyond the material world and I am just fine with all the physical accoutrements that I have. I simply don’t identify myself with those accoutrements. I am not them. I am beyond them.

This sense of being beyond my physical manifestions keeps me grounded in Spirit AND grounded in physical reality. This is the first step to maintaining spirituality in a materialistic society.


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