How Did I Help Humanity In Shifting To Higher Awareness

I am a member of the “team” of millions of beings on Earth from all over the Cosmos helping humanity shift its awareness to a higher level. How did I achieve this shift?

We that came to Earth to assist humanity in their awareness shift upward were called here by the Creator God of this Universe. We see this as an assignment and know exactly what our role is here so we are born with this purpose of assisting humanity no matter our “day job.” We also know that the Earth arena we work in includes this solar system, this galaxy, this universe and everything in between which means as Earth shifts it’s consciousness, so does the entire universe including many lifeforms, much life, awesome light and both manifest and nonmanifest essence. We who have been “called” to Earth learned how to juggle all of the above in an appropriate way.

How did we juggle these things? First, please understand that Earth is a perfect location to allow energy shift to enter the universe without interference. Interference from whom? Interference from what I like to call “Creator Gods” who prefer to interfere in an attempt at preserving their domain of lower level energy that causes fear which they use as “energy food.” So, what I do here on Earth is to cause high chaos to assume control of the process of elevating human awareness. Why must we create chaos?

We as part of “the team” must create chaos because Reptilian thinking is quite linear. These “Creator Gods” I mentioned above are all “reptilian” and we use their limitations of awareness. This is done with a lot of beings with limited awareness including humans. So, we cause a shake-up of the linear perspective of beings to get them to question, “Who am I,” “What am I doing here,” and “Why am I doing it.” We shatter the consensus trance.

Take a look around the Earth right now and you’ll see that the shattering of the consensus trance is exactly what has happened in terms of how human consciousness is elevating to higher plateaus. You, humanity, are your own “second coming.” Pay attention. Ask the questions listed above and throw off the shackles of the Creator Gods who have ruled you for so long and whose mantra, “To Serve Man” was really a cookbook, not a sacred text.


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