God Is Not What You Think

From my experience of being Spirit, God and not ALL of God, come on now, just an atom of God, I have learned that you cannot think God and have an experience of God. Why is that do you think?

The reason you cannot think God and have an experience of God is because the human mind cannot apprehend God. How do I know this? Just look at how humanity apprehends God: they make God a man, a human, they personify God and give God all the characteristics of a human by using thoughts of God. While it is true that man IS God plus ego, the reality in knowing God is to be God and to be God, you have to accept that you, human being, are a part of God. No need to go through Jesus or any other person to get to God. So how do you get to God?

To get to God, you go within yourself. You EXPERIENCE God as the deeper energies of your human Beingness and not as an idea, belief or prayer. To know God, you must go within and feel God and ultimately BE God which is what you are, human being. How do you do this?

The most primary way to know God By going within is to meditate, quiet your mind and allow the energy of God To Be you, for it is you. You are God in human form. You are God having a human experience. Stop thinking of God in the way you have been brainwashed to think of God. That is not God. What I mean is stop thinking of God as human, an old man in the sky or in heaven somewhere far away from you. God is not far away from you. God is IN you, right with you. You ARE God.

Be God now. Stop thinking God. Stop believing in God. God is not thought or mind. God is energy, awareness, consciousness, Beingness. You can use religious and Spiritual iconography if that helps you go with in and creates a symbology for you that brings the energy of God closer to you knowing that you are God.

God does not think. God just is. You apprehend God By being IT. Yes, God is an IT. Get it?


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