Energy Follows Thought

What I have found from experiencing this is that when you want to manifest anything, use your intent. What does that mean? It means that energy can be shaped, manipulated like clay and the shaping tool is thought. Energy follows thought. Energy is the material. Thought is the tool. When a human being thinks about, uses thought of one thing that the human wants to come about, the subconscious goes to work to put actionable steps into place for that thought, that thing thought of to manifest, to come into reality. Why don’t more human beings use this tool?

Good question! It is my contention that more people don’t use their own naturally power of intent because they are conditioned from birth to believe that their thought has no power. “Oh, it’s just my imagination,” they believe in this throwaway statement. They simply believe that they have no power of intent and that things happen TO them instead of THROUGH them. Look, I’m not just writing this for kicks. I’m expressing what I experience, that is, I use my intent every day to make things happen, to manifest things into my reality. This is real, people! You too can use your thought to make things happen. How do we do this?

It is a matter of practicing controlling your thoughts and putting the power of feeling behind them. This takes a lot of practice and a lot of concentration. You put your thoughts on a single-pointed desire and think about that all the time. Put pictures of that thing you desire in your house, car, etc. keep that thought uppermost in your mind, visualize the thing and it will manifest because that energy of desire follows that thought. You are making that energy come into solid material form.

You are playing in a sandbox of energy, that is, your body, your Earth, your reality and the shovel you use to put that energy in the pail that holds the sand is thought. You are allowed to use your thought for Creation. It’s who you are. Use your thought wisely, with healing and with Love.


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