Being Spiritual Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

What does being spiritual mean? Does it mean adhering to religious doctrine, religious dogma, going to church or synagogue or temple or mosque every day or holiday, meditating, praying, going through Jesus, reading the Bhagavad Gita, believing in God, walking in nature? I have found that being spiritual has nothing to do with all of the above. What IS being spiritual and why is it not for the faint of heart?

It took me a lifetime to understand that being spiritual is acknowledging, accepting and then functioning as Spirit having a human experience. I so identified with my human-ness that I could not see who and what I really am: Spirit in flesh for the sole purpose of expanding my soul’s awareness of Self and what it means to be Self. There is only one Self here and being Self allowed me to look into the face of the real Spirit, God and the Spirit God is within ME. It’s me. Without me, there is no Spirit, God and this realization is NOT for the faint of heart. Why is it not for the faint of heart?

Being Spirit and thus being truly spiritual is not for the faint of heart because once you accept that you are Spirit, you accept that you are a Co-Creator with Spirit, God who is here on purpose and you can never go back to blaming anything or anyone for your actions. You came here intentionally to be Spirit, God in form and you can no longer point outside yourself as to why things happen since it’s YOU that makes them happen.

This realization is hard for most humans to accept. That’s why I experience that being spiritual is NOT for the faint of heart. It is not easy to look into the face of God and say that God is you. Most humans are in separation consciousness believing that God is a thing sitting in some place away from them called Heaven. This way, when they commit murder, they can point away from themselves and say, not me. God made me do it when in reality, they are God. What a confused state humans are in!!!

Humans are God with ego. In accepting this state of being, being God in form as a human being, humans grow their heart into a powerful tool of self-Love. This state of self-Love grows the Warriors heart which is never faint.


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