Being Spirit V Being Spiritual

I see that there is confusion between being religious, being spiritual and being Spirit. My soul experience is beyond religion and spiritual and because I am Spirit, I can clear up this confusion to some degree.

Being religious has nothing to do with being spiritual, I have found. I have also found that being spiritual does not have anything to do with Spirit. What do I mean by that and why have I found this to be true in my experience?

From my life, I have found that being religious and being spiritual are mental concepts. They are thoughts, linear propositions not connected to Spirit and not DIRECT experiences with Spirit itself. When you have direct experience with Spirit, you discover that YOU are Spirit and YOU connect with Spirit in everything. Here’s an example. When you work with crystals, being Spirit, you connect with the Spirit of the crystals that “speak” to you about how they can heal. If you want to call this being spiritual, that’s fine but, to me, it is connecting with the Spirit of the crystal and I can do that ONLY BECAUSE I AM CONNECTED TO MY OWN SPIRIT!!!

Let me emphasize: when I am connected to my own Spirit, which is who I really am, I have the ability to align with, to be in sync with, to resonate with all that is Spirit in everything. So, I can “speak” to a raven, “speak” to a tree, “speak” to the soul of a human, etc. I “speak” to the inherent Spirit in everything including myself, including God, Great Spirit! What does this make me? You could say that I am truly religious and truly spiritual because I have acknowledged, accepted and function as Spirit itself. I don’t need to be spiritual through the use of any accouterments but I may enjoy working with religious and spiritual iconography because I can connect with the essence of the Spirit in those expressions. See what I mean?

Don’t be spiritual. Be Spirit.


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