Being Part Of “The Team”

I was not always aware that there is a “team” on Earth from all over the Cosmos who have been “called” here on assignment to assist in shifting the consciousness of Earth and all upon it, especially humans, up one notch to a 5th dimensional planet. Right now, we have just come out of the third dimensional consciousness and many are lagging behind, staying involved with power plays, greed, hate, judgement and intolerance. These attitudes are going away and it is “the team” who is helping to change these attitudes to Love, generosity, tolerance and acceptance. I am a member of “the team.” How do I know this?

I know that I am a member of “the team” because I don’t think and feel like most humans. My dominant thoughts are of Love, Healing and Wisdom. I have had these dominant thoughts since I was born. I have always been peace, sharing, loving, caring, understanding, happy and accepting. I am not perfect in my human-ness but I do not have thoughts of approving, controlling, judging, a hidden agenda, wanting more than others and wanting to be better than others. I am here with a high consciousness and high vibrational frequency that exists as a purpose on this planet and that purpose is to be a presence for change. I am a change agent. You will find millions of these “team” members on Earth and their presence has tipped the scales to shift humanity in a better direction. This is the direction of Love. Sounds corny, I know but it’s very real. “The Team” is very real and they are beings from very enlightened planets and Light Realms all over the Cosmos.

Perhaps you are one of “the team.” If not, know we are out there and are lending our presence to shaping an Earth that will be 5th dimensional and beyond in it’s entirety. The days of the disempowered human are over.


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