Being A Hyperdimensionalist

From my experience as a human being, I have found that we come equipped with a multidimensional capability. We have 12 aware chakras built into our nervous system that communicates with conscious realities from our Earth reality to Cosmic realities. The ability to consciously tap into and function simultaneously in multiple dimensions is called hyperdimensionalism. It’s like playing tic-tac-toe in four dimensions at once. How does one experience this?

An example of being hyperdimensional is when you are with a lover and you are making love to them. Someone who is hyperdimensional is consciously aware of and is functioning while making Love, not only on the physical level but simultaneously, on an emotional, mental and spiritual level and for some, perhaps beyond to other levels. So, in the act of making love, you are feeling the passion of the senses but you are also thinking of your partner, feeling for them and having a sacred, more soulful experience with them.

You’re saying this is deep? Yes, it is a deeper experience that many miss out on because they refuse to acknowledge, accept and function as the multidimensional being that they already are. Most people don’t realize that when they are with someone, they are with them much more than on a physical level. A human being is naturally multidimensional from birth as it is our operating system. To be able to consciously experience being in multiple dimensions simultaneously is known as hyperdimensionalism. So, when I’m making love to you, I am with you in body, mind, feeling and Spirit and I experience each dimension as I’m with you. In the Earth dimension, I see, touch, smell, taste you, in mind, I think of how much I enjoy you, in feeling, how much I love you and in Spirit, how much I connect to your soul.

You could say that it is a hyperactive state of being. The reason most humans don’t function in this state is because society says it can’t tolerate it. This is a one-dimensional state and is the reason so many humans have psychological issues. We are not meant to be one-dimensional beings. It is fun to explore our other, naturally occurring dimensions and live them simultaneously. It’s like watching a big screen TV and seeing four split screens and watching them at the same time.


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