Your Individual Experience Is What Is True For YOU

From my own experience as a human being, I have realized that what is real to me are my perceived sensory awarenesses that are based on my existence in a physical form at this moment. These sensations are very real but they are not true. What do I mean, they are not true?

What I mean in saying that my physical sensory perceptions are real to me but not true is that my sensory awareness perceives an extremely narrow band of existence. The larger, true picture of who and what I am cannot be wholly perceived by my senses until I experience the truth. What is the truth of who and what I am?

The truth about who and what I am is that I am my soul’s projection of my Monad. This soul projection projects my human hologram which is my soul’s Avatar. My soul takes on a physical form. When I realize, accept and function as a soul having a human experience, I expand my awareness to be able to perceive Spirit and ultimately BE the Primordial Light, that is, I realize that Spirit, God and I are one and the same. This is the truth of who and what I am. In the context of being in human form, I supposedly cannot see Spirit and all that it is. It isn’t real. It’s unseen. Invisible. However, I can experience Spirit and see my Primordial Light which is my Light Body and this experience, while not seeming real in the sensory reality, makes it true for me.

My truth is that I express from a soul level which is my experience and I cannot be refuted in this as I can feel and know it and I can replicate it and tell you about it and it will be similar to other humans who experience expressing from their soul. My soul experience may not be real to you but it is true for me.


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