You Are In The New Earth Reality. What Is It?

From my experience with raising my conscious awareness, I know that my birth on this planet was to assist in the enlightening of the genetic code of humanity. My persona/psyche/ego, my soul, my Spirit, my destiny, my character, my beliefs, my thoughts and my experiences have all congealed into the awareness that not only am I but I have assisted in fomenting, along with many other beings, a new Earth reality. What is this reality?

From my experience, the new Earth consciousness paradigm that we are now in is the consciousness of “I Am” which is the transcendence and transformation of the human awareness level from “I need permission” to “I create my reality.” We, as a collective human society, are in the throes of dealing with this changed paradigm as we deal with the tumultuous changes it has brought about. Why is that?

The reason there is so much chaos in our world as a result of our changed paradigm is because “I create my reality” brings with it a responsibility for one’s actions. Most of humanity is having a hard time accepting this because unaware humans still feel the need to blame someone or thing outside themselves for their mistakes. They usually blame God, Jesus, Allah, the devil, a demon, their parents, their spouse, etc. They still view learning how to overcome their created reality’s consequences as “God is punishing me” or “the devil made me do it.”

What can human beings start doing now that the Earth is in a new reality paradigm of “I Am”? From my experience, it begins with forgiving yourself, others and the situation that you believe is causing you problems. This forgiving will be a great leap of faith, quite a chasm to cross for many of you because you seem to be so entrenched in your egos where you are exclaiming to the world, “Poor me.” Get Out Of The Place Of Pity.

It is time to learn how to forgive as the start to being in the new Earth reality of creating your world. There is no more fence sitting.


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